Harjit Harman

Date Of Birth: 14 July

Harjit Harman is a Punjabi Folk & Pop Singer, who in just a few years has become one of today’s premier singers. He’s done it the bit diffrent way, on the merits of his creative abilities, perseverance and a healthy, homegrown perspective, establishing himself as a magnetic, new voice in punjabi music. Harjit Harman adds a new milestone to his musical journey with every new album.

Harjit Harman broke through in 1999, with the release of his debut album “Kuri Chiraan Ton Vichhari”, followed by, “Zanjeeri” and “Tere Pain Bhulekhe” in 2002. In 2004 “PUNJEBAAN” album was released  which awakened Punjabi Music fans across the globe to a charismatic, vibrant young artist who connected with audiences in a way other contemporary singers did not. Selling record number of copies and earning international recoginition as Punjabi Pop and Folk Singer, Harman sat a trendy combination of traditional folk and Pop music with thoughtful lyrics by S. Pargat Singh who is his producer and writer since day one.

Harjit Harman was born in village Doda near Nabha, Distt. Patiala, Punjab in INDIA. He studied at Akaal Degree Collage Mastuana Sahib (Sangrur) in Punjab, INDIA. There he met S. Pargat Singh. Meeting Pargat Singh was a turning point of Harjit Harman’s life as S. Pargat Singh found the artist in Harjit Harman when he heard Harjit Harman’s malodious voice in college functions. He decided to launch Harjit Harman in professional manner and in 1999 Harjit Harman’ first Album was released.

Hence Harjit Harman’s first album got avrage response from audience, his first hit song was “302 Banju” But it wasn’t just the numbers that confirmed Harman’s popularity. The song, “Surma Na Payi Mutiare, Ve Mein Kattadi Trinjhana Ch Charkha, Tere Pain Bhulekhe and many more songs were big hit. The album Panjebaan (2004) brought huge success to Harjit Harman’s musical career. Songs from Panjebaan Album has become folk of Punjab. The song “Mittran Da Naa Chalde” created a storm in punjabi music industry. All the songs from Punjebaan album were chartbusters. The songs from Panjebaan album were played in every celebration / party. Even today also “Mittraan Da Naa Chalde” song is a must play in every DJ and marriage party.

Whatever the influence, it has translated into much success for Harjit Harman, who began his singing career populated mostly by people he knew from near his hometown and local friends. Harjit Harman has toured all over the world including America, England, Australia, Itali, Poland, Norway, Newzealand, France etc. tirelessly, selling out to bigger and bigger audiences every time around.

Harjit Harman has a collection of impassioned, emotionally resonant songs about the joys and rigors of love and life to his credit. The temptation for anyone who has experienced early success is to mimic that formula for success. But in recording his every next album, Harjit Harman resisted. Instead, he made the bold creative choice to give the album a decidedly more different from his past album, which was rendered with the help of famed producer-writer, Pargat Singh.

Albums by Harjit Harman

Since his first release Harjit Harman has received many recognitions and awards for his contribution to Punjabi Music Industry including ETC Channel Punjabi Music Awards, PTC Punjabi Music Awards and many more awards from different organizations. Harjit Harman’s SHAAN-E-QAUM - Pride Of The Nation was nominated for IGMA Awards in 2011.

Now in 2012 Harjit Harman is ready to release his new album "JHANJHAR". With this new album, Harjit Harman hopes to continue the success he’s had and, more importantly, continue to connect with his ever growing audience.

Harjit Harman is very thankful to fans and he says “I’m so appreciative of the way my fans are with me”
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