Music Albums

Harjit Harman has a collection of impassioned, emotionally resonant songs about the joys & rigors of love, life and social awakning to his credit. The temptation for anyone who has experienced early success is to mimic that formula for success. But in recording his every next album, Harjit Harman resisted. Instead, he made the bold creative choice to give the album a decidedly more different from his past album, which was rendered with the help of famous producer-writer, Pargat Singh who has written all songs of Harjit Harman.

Harjit Harman has given as many as 8 Music Albums in his music careers since his Debut Album “Kuri Chiraan Ton Vichhari” in 1999. Below are the milestones of Harjit Harman’s musical journey. Click on desired album to read more details.

  • Harjit Harman's New Album Jhanjhar
  • Harjit Harman's Shaan E Qaum
  • Harjit Harman's Hoor
  • Harjit Harman's Mundri
  • Harjit Harman's Singh Soorme
  • Harjit Harman's Panjebaan
  • Harjit Harman's Tere Pain Bhulekhe
  • Harjit Harman's Zanjeeri
  • Harjit Harman's Kuri Chiraan Ton Vichhari
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